Proctoring for Exams

As a community service that supports life-long learning, the Milanof-Schock Library is pleased to provide proctoring services for residents and employees of businesses located in Lancaster County.  The Library will proctor written or online exams. Exams are proctored subject to availability of authorized staff and resources.  Please contact Kim Beach at

General guidelines

1. A minimum of two days’ advance notice is required before any test can be proctored. In addition, all test-taking requirements must be received from the issuing educational institution before any tests are taken.
2. There is a $15.00 fee for proctoring an exam of any length or duration. The Library will not incur any costs for administering or returning exams. This fee must be paid in cash, check, or charge before the start of the exam.
3. The Library will proctor most exams, but cannot proctor online exams that require public access computer settings to be modified. Computerized tests can be accommodated on a library or student laptop, if permitted by the educational institution offering the test.
4. The proctor will not sit with the student during the test. However, the student will be seated in the library’s public space, in view of the staff.
5. The Library reserves the right to deny service at the discretion of the Director if the Director deems the proctoring request unreasonable in its demands or too burdensome to the administrator.

Student’s Responsibilities

1. Review these proctoring guidelines and verify that the school has approved them.
2. Schedule a date and time with the proctor to take the exam.  Exams will be administered during the Library’s operating hours.
3. Request that the institution sends exam and instructions to the proctor.
4. The student must contact the institution to see if the exam has been sent to the proctor, and arrange for additional exam materials to be sent if the proctor did not receive the first mailed exam.
5. The student must arrive at the appointed time with proper identification to present to the proctor. Identification includes current photo ID with name that matches the test-taker’s name exactly.
6. Student is responsible for supplying all necessary materials for test-taking beyond scrap paper and pencil.
7. Purses, bags, or briefcases will be left with the Circulation Staff or Director while taking the exam; however, staff is not responsible for loss or theft of items.
8. The student must contact the institution to see if the completed exam has been received.
9. The student is responsible for any sending fees.  The Library charges a $1.00 fee per page to fax, and the appropriate regular mail postage, unless the institution provides a pre-paid envelope for return mailing of the test. Sending fees will be paid by cash, check, or charge at the completion of the exam.

Proctor’s Responsibilities

1. The main responsibility for the proctor is to preserve the academic integrity of the examination process.
2. Before the exam, the proctor shall fill out all appropriate verification forms and the student or the proctor will send the information to the academic institution, by the method requested by the academic institution.
3. The proctor shall receive the exam materials from the institution;
4. The proctor shall carefully read the instructions sent with the exam and make sure the directions are clear. The proctor shall call or email the instructor if there are any questions regarding test procedures.
5. The proctor shall instruct the student to any specifics pertaining to the exam, i.e. if the exam is open book, or if the student is allowed to use notes or a calculator.
6. The proctor shall provide the student with a reserved computer or table where he or she may take the exam.
7. The proctor shall allow the student to bring only those materials needed for the exam as instructed in the exam directions.
8. The proctor shall check photo identification of the student.
9. The proctor shall tell the student the exact amount of time allotted for the exam.  When the time is up, the proctor shall pick up the exam whether the student is finished or not.  Late arrivals will not be given extra time to complete the exam if the Library is closing for the evening.
10. If the staff person who gives the student the test materials and records the start time must leave before the student has completed, he or she may designate another staff member to collect the exam and sign the required documentation.
11. The proctor shall contact the instructor or institution upon completion of the exam if necessary.
12. After the exam, the proctor will sign the required, school-supplied exam documentation and make a copy of this paperwork as well as the completed exam.  This copy will be retained for 3 months unless otherwise stated by the test giver, then shredded.
13. The proctor shall return the exam to the educational institution via the method indicated by the exam instructions.  While the student provides the postage or fax fees, the proctor must mail, fax or email the exam him/herself.  Tests will be returned to the issuing institution the next business day. In the event the educational institution does not receive the exam, the student will be responsible for any additional postage/fax fees incurred by the Library in order to resend the copied exam to the educational institution.