Election Day: Polling Place for District 2303

The Library will still be the polling place for District 2303 – Mount Joy Borough West-W on November 3.

From the State Dept of Health – Election Day precautions:
“The County Boards of Election are taking all reasonable measures to provide for a safe voting experience at polling locations. We are urging, per Gov. Wolf’s order, that voters wear masks while in the polling place. The Department of State has advised counties to follow social distancing and disinfecting guidelines in place in the region during the pandemic. The state has procured and is distributing to the counties thousands of precinct infection protection kits containing items such as masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and floor tape to mark social distancing, and counties are procuring additional protective equipment as well to ensure that voters, poll workers, and polling places are safe on election day.”
Children will be under the guide of their parents.

The Library will be open for regular services.