Curbside Pickup

MSL is happy to offer Curbside Pickup Service. You can get library books and videos safely and conveniently delivered straight to your car. Here’s how to use MSL Curbside Pickup Service.

MSL Curbside Pickup Service

FIRST, put the books or videos you want “On Hold” and choose Mount Joy as your pick-up location.

For more information and instructions on how to put your books/videos “On Hold” go to:

You can also put books/videos “On Hold” by Phone.

Call the library at 717-653-1510, Monday through Thursday, from 10am to 6pm.
We will need:
-your library card number
-the titles of the books/videos you wish to put “On Hold”


WHEN CAN I PICK UP my “On Hold” books/videos using the MSL Curbside Pickup Service?

You will be called or receive an email when your “On Hold” books/videos arrive at the library. You can use the MSL Curbside Pickup Service to pick up your books/videos any time after that.


HOW/WHERE DO I PICK UP my “On Hold” books using the MSL Curbside Pickup Service?

When you arrive at the library park as close to the front door as possible and call the library at 717-653-1510 from your car. Let the staff person know you have books/videos “On Hold” and that you’d like to use the Curbside Pickup Service. Remain in your car and a MSL staff member will deliver your “On Hold” books/videos to you. It might be helpful if you wave so the staff person can find you.