Parents’ Page

On this page you will find a large variety of resources available at our Library and online!

When you visit the Library, make sure to look for the amazing resources in the Parenting Section of the Children’s Area in our Library! It is full of valuable information about topics ranging from pregnancy to parenting to grandparenting, information about raising a child with special needs, tip books on getting babies to sleep and potty training, and resources galore about games to play and exploration. Materials that focus on American Sign Language can be found in the children’s non-fiction section.


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Do You Have a Child who is Learning to Drive?’s free driver’s ed program is designed to prepare aspiring as well as more experienced drivers (teenagers, newcomers to Pennsylvania, or senior citizens) to pass their PennDOT written exam. It includes unlimited access to the official state driver’s manuals, practice tests for car, motorcycle and commercial driver’s license (CDL), an exam simulator, and a PennDOT-related FAQ. The program doesn’t collect any personal information from its users.

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Family Museum Passes

(At this time, Sept. 8, 2020, passes are not available.)

Remember that we have Family Museum Passes available for the museums shown here – check them out with your Library Card! Each pass is good for 4 family members. Most passes are available for year-round entertainment! Visit the Library Catalog tab on our Home Page and enter your museum of interest to check for availability or to reserve your passes!





The Best Middle Grade Books of 2019 – Kirkus Reviews
The Best Picture Books for Young Readers 2019 – Kirkus Reviews

The Best Young Adult Books 2019 – Kirkus Reviews


National Center for Learning Disabilities

A user-friendly resource for parents, caregivers, or anyone impacted by or concerned about learning disabilities (LD). Features guides for understanding LD symptoms and treatments in an age-appropriate context, from preschool through adulthood.
A collection of hands-on science and math activities, created by staff from science museums around the country, this website is a resource for educators, homeschoolers, parents, and anyone looking to teach school-aged children about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) using interactive, non-classroom methods.


Engineer Girl
The Engineer Girl website is designed to bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women.


Common Core – State Standards Initiative
Devoted to the task of defining Common Core State Standards, this site provides detailed definitions of what students are expected to learn. It serves as a resource to teachers and parents embarking on the education of young people, especially in the context of relevance to real-world knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in college and careers.


Student’s Internet Research Guide

One of the oldest and broadest directories of carefully chosen web sites for students, this father-son collaboration is a “go-to” destination for anyone with homework to do, a research or science project, or any other informational need.


Start With A Book

Themed books (fiction and nonfiction) and activities to engage children in reading and learning during the summer.  Helpful literacy tips, resources and printables for parents and caregivers. “Read. Talk. Explore.”


Woo! Jr

Kids crafts, printables, kid-friendly recipes and more.