We have a cozy corner of the Library dedicated to Teens. A round table provides room to spread out a project, and sofas make it easy to participate in a study group. What do we have in this Teen Zone?

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Fantasy Series Novels
  • Audiobooks
  • A selection of classic novels on high school reading lists.


Teen Café Friday After School

This after school semi-structured program just started in January, so we would love to have local teens help us evolve it into something Teens want. We would like youth to know that the Library is a safe space in which to spend time, hang out with friends, study, play a game, check out books and movies, maybe even watch a movie. We would like it to be a destination, a place for teens to go to de-stress at the end of the week, to meet to study, and not just Fridays but every day we are open. But we won’t have snacks every day. 🙂

Getting a Driver’s License?

Driving-Tests.org’s free driver’s ed program is designed to prepare aspiring as well as more experienced drivers (teenagers, newcomers to Pennsylvania, or senior citizens) to pass their PennDOT written exam. It includes unlimited access to the official state driver’s manuals, practice tests for car, motorcycle and commercial driver’s license (CDL), an exam simulator, and a PennDOT-related FAQ. The program doesn’t collect any personal information from its users.

Click here to get started at Driving-test.org.


Looking for something to read?


If you are having trouble deciding what to read next, visit www.teenreads.com to browse the ultimate reading list for teens! The site also has author interviews, book reviews, book club links, videos, and more.
If you’re a guy looking for a manly read, check out Guysread.com for great info about books for guys. While it would be nice to say that this site is just for the guys, girls might enjoy some of the stuff as well.


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