As long as your fines are under $6.00 you will be able to use the computers and check out books.

The countywide Public Library Summer Reading Program is open to children and teens of all ages. Program components include 4 reading levels: Read Aloud (birth-4 years), Elementary (ages 5-9), Tween (ages 10-12) and the Teen level (ages 13-19).

The Public Library Summer Reading Program begins during the first week of June and runs until mid-August.

Let us know when you lose your card, so we can deactivate it. That way it cannot be misused.  Lost or stolen library cards can be replaced for $1.00.

Books/Audiobooks—2 weeks unless otherwise stated on book spine or audiobook box, unlimited number.
Music CDs—2 week checkout.
DVDs—1 week checkout.

Yes, there is an after-hours book drop located just in front of the library. Items placed in the drop box after hours will always be counted as having been returned the previous day the library was open. We also check the drop box throughout the day, but ask you to return items inside during regular business hours if it is due that day.

Yes you can return items from other libraries as long as that Library is in Lancaster County. Please check the labels, some items must be returned to their respective libraries.

Yes, every three years in order to verify or update your contact information. Come to the library and we can renew your card quickly.