HOOPLA is like having your public library at your fingertips!

IMPORTANT – You must be a patron of Milanof-Schock Library to enjoy this service.

Borrow and enjoy audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, TV, magazines, or music everywhere you have a screen-your computer, your phone, your car, even your TV. All you need is a library card! Hoopla syncs across all your devices, so you can stream titles immediately or whenever you’re in the mood. Most titles can also be downloaded to your phone or tablet. Hoopla offers more content, in more places, than any other digital library platform, and it’s all FREE thanks to Milanof-Schock Library! (Titles may vary based on library catalog.)

Milanof-Schock Library Patrons can borrow up to 5 Instant title(s) each month.

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