Programs for Life-long Learning

The Library strives to provide interesting programs for an adventure in life-long learning. While we have a few programs that meet monthly, we also include additional events for life enrichment, personal growth, and inspiration.





Presented by Kathy Morrison

Mon, October 23 @ 10:30 a.m.

Kathy Morrison, the Stroke Program Manager for Penn State Hershey Medical Center, will provide information about the increasing incidence of stroke in young adults and why this is occurring. She will also show us the simple way to recognize stroke symptoms, what treatment options are available, and why we need to rush.
Kathy has over 30 years’ experience with various roles in nursing care and program management. Her published works have appeared in nursing journals and neuroscience course curricula. She has authored 2 books in support of nurses caring for stroke patients: Fast Facts for Stroke Care Nursing and Stroke Certification Guide for Registered Nurses. Kathy is a certified Neuroscience Nurse, a certified Stroke Nurse, and a Fellow of the American Heart Association. She and her husband John live here in Mount Joy.



Performed by Pat Kocen

Wed, November 1 @ 6 p.m.

Local performing artist Pat Kocen will be presenting “The Life and Music of Buddy Holly” on Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30 P.M. at the Milanof-Schock Library in Mount Joy.

Pat will be telling the story of one of rock n’ roll’s most beloved figures, Buddy Holly, while playing acoustic guitar versions of his songs. “The idea,” he says, “is to offer something that is both entertaining and informative. It should be a lot of fun!”

Originally from New Jersey, Pat started playing the guitar when he was 11 and has been performing for audiences of all ages ever since. Although he plays a variety of song styles he has a particular fondness for fifties rock n’ roll. “The songs have such a universal appeal,” he says. “They’re so simple and full of optimism.”

When asked ‘Why Buddy Holly?’ he says, “His story is fascinating. He only lived to be 22 years old yet he had such a profound impact on popular music.”

This is a free performance and the public is invited to attend.


The Library is also host to a Quilt Study that gathers at the Library the second Wednesday of every other month from 12:30 to 3:30. Anyone is welcome to explore the history, craftsmanship and patterning of a different quilt each time. The group is led by Ann Holte.


Monthly Adult Programs

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