Monthly Programs and Clubs

The Library strives to provide interesting programs for an adventure in life-long learning. While we have a few programs and clubs that meet monthly, we also include additional events for life enrichment, personal growth, and inspiration.


Reading Challenges

2022 Book Challenge

Click for the printable version in case you can’t make it in to the Library! Book Challenge printable

Cozy-Up and Read Bingo

It’s the winter favorite reading game for grownups – Cozy Up and Read Bingo! January thru February, pick up a bingo game sheet at the Library (or print the PDF –Winter Reading BINGO Game Sheet 2022), complete 5 challenges in a row, and submit your completed sheet to the Library to earn a small prize and to be eligible for a grand prize drawing March 1. For a real challenge, complete more than one bingo sheet – you can do as many as you’d like! If you are not interested in the prizes, pickup a bingo sheet for topic ideas to inspire you to read something out-of-your-usual.



Begins in June, 2022



– A Gathering of Artists

This club is perfect for the artist who enjoys working in the company of other like-minded folks or who neglects a project because there’s no time to work on it. Pack up your stuff and bring it to the Library for 2 hours of crafting time! If you are looking for a creative hobby, you can stop by and see what others are up to! (Painters, we ask that you leave the oil paints at home, please and thank you.) This Club will show up on our monthly calendars on the third Wednesday @6pm.

– Book Discussion Groups

“Lit Lovers” (Currently, this Club meets thru Zoom. Call the Library for details)

Our Lit Lovers Book Discussion Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30p.m., except in December.  The library  reserves copies of the monthly choice for those who do not have a personal copy or do not wish to buy the book. Book marks with future titles can be found at the front desk.

Lit Lovers is somewhat eclectic in its selections, but primarily focuses on fiction. The group also reads memoirs, short stories, biography, autobiography, mystery, sci-fi, and non-fiction.  Known for  vigorous discussions, the  Lit Lovers  group tries to respect various opinions and to  keep sporadic social activities, gossip, and romance novels outside the allotted discussion time.  Lit Lovers prefer modern fiction with good writing, well-drawn characters, and interesting stories. Subjects are often contemporary issues, family conflict, and the triumph of the human spirit.  Humor is also appreciated. Members read for their own education and entertainment. Often, the group reads international authors, books with international settings, or books with multi-cultural themes.

“Northwest Book Club”

Northwest Book Club meets at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  The library  reserves copies of the monthly choice for those who do not have a personal copy or do not wish to buy the book. Book marks with future titles can be found at the front desk.

– Closely Knit

Closely Knit is  knitting group that meets at 1:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of every month. It is a wonderful gathering of hand-crafters who knit or crochet while chatting and laughing together. There is no commitment to join or to attend every gathering. Stop by when you can!


– Joyful Stitchers Club

The Joyful Stitchers club is open to all stitchers, from beginners to the ultra-experienced. Bring your supplies and join the fun! If you are new, you can pick up a simple cross-stitch kit at any local craft store and bring it with you. One of the experienced club members will teach you! The group gathers at the Library on the third Saturday of every month from 9:15 am to 12:45 pm.

– Make-It Monday

This is an adult crafting class that focuses on teaching a new skill, like knitting, cross-stitching and card-making.  Normally held  on the 4th Monday of every month, the classes are free of charge.   Participants must pre-register to ensure an adequate supply of materials.

– Quilt Study (On hiatus)

The community is invited to attend this gathering of quilt-lovers that meet every other month on the second Wednesday from 12:30 to 3:30. This group is run by Ann Holte, who is not affiliated with the Library. The group does not meet in May – there is a quilt exhibit at Winters Heritage House Museum in Elizabethtown, and the group attends the exhibit together.


Please click here to visit our current calendar of events. We invite you to register online for any programs of interest.


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