Roof Repairs and Gutter Replacement

The Library roof has been an issue for many years. When inside the Library, there are visible water stains on ceiling tiles throughout the building. Specifically, the rubber roof people cannot see behind the green metal roof façade has been leaking and has been repaired many times over the years. The Library’s lighting, security system, and insulation have all been impacted. Additionally, the gutters on the roof proved to be a constant problem during the winter months. Their small size caused improper roof run-off leading to the formation of dangerous icicles over the building sidewalks and entrances.

In 2019, Library staff wrote and won a Keystone Grant from the PA Department of Education. To help meet the matching component of the grant, money was donated by the Lions Club of Mount Joy, the Rotary Club of Mount Joy, generous donors at the Library’s 2019 benefit auction, and our Library patrons.