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Library will be Polling Place June 2

The Library will still be the polling place for District 2303 – Mount Joy Borough West-W on JUNE 2.

From the State Dept of Health – Election Day precautions:
“The County Boards of Election are taking all reasonable measures to provide for a safe voting experience at polling locations. We are urging, per Gov. Wolf’s order, that voters wear masks while in the polling place. The Department of State has advised counties to follow social distancing and disinfecting guidelines in place in the region during the pandemic. The state has procured and is distributing to the counties thousands of precinct infection protection kits containing items such as masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and floor tape to mark social distancing, and counties are procuring additional protective equipment as well to ensure that voters, poll workers, and polling places are safe on election day.”
Children will be under the guide of their parents.

Please note that the Library is open for voting only and will not be open for Library services.

Friends’ Book Sale Postponed

Because the Friends Group holds their Used Book Sale at Donegal High School, and since the school is not open at this time nor has plans to do so in the next few weeks, the Friends have decided to postpone their annual book sale until the Fall.

Once the Library opens, please make sure to look for additional books to be sold in the Library’s Books Store and in the Library proper.

News on Reopening

Sadly, we are still a long way from opening. As soon as we have any information on when and how we will open, we will certainly let you know.

When a county or region is changes from red to yellow, we anticipate that this will be a signal that library staff may reenter the building to begin preparing the staff, collections and facility for a return to service.

Once those preparations are complete, we expect that libraries in yellow areas will provide limited public services (such as pickup service) provided they adhere to state and federal guidelines, as well as guidelines that will be available later in May in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Framework for Reopening Libraries.

To support libraries with reopening plans, PDE has drafted a Framework for Reopening Libraries that is based on the Governor’s three-phase commonwealth reopening matrix. Using input from district consultants, feedback from district library center leaders, and comments from Pennsylvania Library Association open forums, the framework lists guidelines libraries must abide by to ensure the community’s health and safety.  In addition, it also identifies issues that each library may need to consider before reopening. Currently, the Framework for Reopening Libraries is under review in PDE and will also need to be approved by the Department of Health (DOH).

Libraries must also order (if supplies can be found): masks; cleaning and disinfecting supplies; hand sanitizer for staff and the public; sneeze shields made out of non-porous materials such as plexiglass, plastic, glass, etc.; tissues, gloves; thermometers.

Reopening as part of a system of connected libraries is also complicated by the way libraries share material. Despite the fact that libraries are independent non-profit organizations, they work work together in many ways. The public libraries of Lancaster County share a unified catalog and have devised a delivery system to allow items to easily move between libraries. Currently, library materials are not where they belong, and the cataloging software we rely on to show us where our things are is not functioning the way it is intended. It was never supposed to “shut down.” It has to be reset and restarted in a step by step manner to avoid losing more information and data.

There is so much that needs to go into opening to the public so that everyone is safe, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to follow the guidelines set in place.

Browsealoud Service

New to our website – Browsealoud is innovative support software that adds speech, reading, and translation to websites facilitating access and participation for people with Dyslexia, Low Literacy, English as a Second Language, and those with mild visual impairments. Online content can be read aloud in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to transform the user’s reading experience.This product was secured by a grant through Census 2020 funding. When you visit our website, look for the logo in the lower right corner and click on it.

What Can You Find in Our Virtual Library?

What Can You Find in Our Virtual Library?
If you have always meant to see what we offer on our website – for free with a library card, which is also free – this is the perfect opportunity! There are so many GREAT RESOURCES under the Digital Resources tab on our home page.  Click this link for direct access:

– Click on Ebooks/E-audiobooks for a large selection of fiction and non-fiction that you can access through OverDrive.

– Click on Databases and you will find a wealth of information:
~ Employment Help: Job Coaching and Interview/Resume help, finding jobs in Pennsylvania, keeping your CRM up-to-date thru Hoovers, and more.

~ Reading: Hundreds of audiobooks for all interests; find books and authors that match your interests with Books and Authors; gain access to literary works and authors throughout history with LitFinder; books for romance lovers; books and GN for middle-grade and YA

~ Homework Help: There is tutoring and educational support for school-age children, which might be really helpful now that the schools are closed and our kids are “Distance Learning”; access to age-appropriate multi-media content on many topics; Explore topic collections from Agriculture to World History; browse the database for more!

~ Have time to finally draw your family tree? Get started with Heritage Quest.

~ Get detailed information on repair for a variety of small engines with Small Engine Repair and basic auto repair for thousands of vehicles with Auto Repair Source.

~KIDS: Ages pre-K thru 3rd grade can pair video storybooks with non-fiction; a broad range of educational information for kids K-5; access award-winning True Books content with multi-media info with TrueFlix; enjoy an interactive library of animated talking story books for various reading levels; animated math stories for all ages with Tumble Math.

A Letter from our Director

Hi, Library friends!

I see cold, delicious lemonade in our future… Recently, we were given a Big Bowl full of LEMONS and until we get the sugar to mix in, we are stuck with a sour, sticky mess. Many have asked, “What are we going to do? When will we reopen”? I promise you, the staff members and I are more than willing to get back to our beloved library.

I never have the time to _______________. Fill in the blank for yourself. What have you been doing during your enforced vacation? How many of you have jigsaw puzzles to work on? Photos to sort and label? Closets to clean? Have you washed your windows and vacuumed the car? Started seeds in the window?

This crisis is giving us time to work on our to-do lists. I actually wrote some letters to people. I handmade a few cards to send to people with birthdays this month (my brother was an April Fools Day baby). I am currently working on some book lists I hope the community will find helpful when we all return to the world. I have taken some on-line training classes that I hope will prove beneficial.

As many of you know, my family is spread around the world. To date everyone is fine. Our neighborhood is also very close-knit and everyone here seems fine, too. We are all clearing our yards of leafy debris, walking our dogs, and seeing dads teach kids to ride bikes. It is not all bad… just take this gift of time and tick something off the list of things you wish you had more time to do. I heard my neighbor practice her violin the other day – I didn’t know she played!

I, and a few staff members, are continuing Library work from home. What are you up to – send us a photo for our Facebook and Instagram quarantine updates. Tag the Library or email them to us.


PA Libraries Closed Indefinitely

Governor Wolf has mandated that public libraries in the state close for an indefinite time period.

As soon as restrictions are reduced, you will find Milanf-Schock Library ready, willing, and able. Can we promise it will look like it always has? No. We doubt we will be at full capacity right away, but we will look for ways to deliver material, host activities, and bring you the information you’ve come to rely on.

We are combating the lack of information on this virus. Without good knowledge, we risk spreading the virus inadvertently. Until professionals can give us a foolproof way to disinfect our lending materials and keep patrons and staff members safe, we must remained closed.

We are doing everything recommended to decontaminate our materials and the library. Our sister libraries are also working on the problem. As soon as we have a solution, you will find us back in action. Happily!! But please stay in touch!

Library Closed March 16 thru 29

We are VERY SORRY, but we have just been instructed by the Governor of PA to close ALL PUBLIC LIBRARIES beginning tomorrow, March 16 through March 29, in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

No library materials will be due during the closure. We will post additional information as it becomes available.