Volunteer Opportunities

Why do people volunteer at the Milanof-Schock Library?

• Interest in the library

• Eager to help support and enhance library services
• Need to complete a community service requirement
• Interested in a career in library science and administration
• Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others

How can you become a volunteer?

Volunteers are a valuable part of our library. An Applicant’s talents are coordinated with the needs of the library and on-the-job training is provided if necessary. To become a volunteer, fill out an application at the Circulation Desk, or click this link Volunteer Application to fill in online and email to info@mslibrary.org .

We need Volunteers to:

  • Shelve books
  • Offer to lead a Library program
  • Plant flowers and weed beds
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Complete general maintenance projects
  • Help with the benefit auction in a number of ways
  • Join the Friends Group
  • Packing and sorting donated items:  please call Lora Jones at 492-9806.
  • Join the Library Board of Directors