Barbara Retires in March

Barbara’s last day at the Library is March 11. Please stop by to wish her well before she leaves!

A Farewell Greeting from our Director

Well, it is finally here! It is with great excitement that I settle in to write this letter. This is my last newsletter article to you. I retire this month and turn the reins over to a new executive director soon. Working at Milanof-Schock Library has been a wonderful experience, and I have thoroughly loved coming to work every day. The community we serve is kind and generous; it has made the job easy to care about so deeply.

I leave with a glad heart. I have had a chance to bring books and learning alive to the Donegal area through Milanof-Schock. No matter what your age, gender, or beliefs, I hope you have always felt welcome at the Library and made to feel the Library was a place you belonged.

I have made some great memories during the past five years. Thank you for sharing your time with me! I will always remember the Anne Frank exhibit, the solar eclipse of 2017, the painting and carpeting project (and how we stayed open during that endeavor), our Birthday Bash, book sales, benefit auctions, and the COVID closure and reopening. A truly dedicated staff makes it possible to bring you services under a constantly changing situation. We are small, but mighty!

So, as excited as I am to start this new chapter in my life, I will miss the people who I have grown to love at Milanof-Schock. The Library is made not just of bricks and panes of glass, but of people who are its heart:

-Kirstin Rhoads has been making the Library and I look good for a long while. As our communication guru, and unsung hero, it is her kind voice you hear and see. She writes the words and promotes our many and varied messages in the newspaper, on the Website, at our social media pages, and in the Library. I wonder where we would be without the caring and expertise she puts into crafting our community relations endeavors.
-Kim Beach has been involved with the Library, here and on Main Street, at every level since her mother brought her in to volunteer! She hired me five years ago. I hired her three years ago and have never wondered why. Her tireless commitment is inspiring!
-Jan Betty is a true Renaissance woman! It is a joy to see her in action. The children and teens in our community have a friend, teacher, and advocate of the five-star variety in Miss Jan.
-Circulation Desk Team Members: Kent Fellenbaum, Rachel Gable, Megan Craddock, and Morgan MacVaugh. These are the smiling faces you see at the desk every day. They make the job seem so easy, but they are always learning something new and passing that on to the people they serve. They make me laugh every day, and I am proud to work with each of them.
-Susan Craine is not last on this list – she is the foundation of the group. She holds us up and together throughout it all. Susan has been with the Library for more than 27 years. She is about to train her 7th new executive director. Her temperament and leadership have gone a long way to making the Library a wonderful place for the community to visit and receive the service that they deserve.

There are many others to thank for helping to make my time at the library wonderful. First, to my husband, Dave – You are my Rock!! To all past members of staff and Library Board members, The Friends of the Library, the volunteers, the Rotary Club of Mount Joy, the Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce, the municipalities’ leadership, and of course our fabulous patrons, it has been an honor and privilege to work with you all.

Best wishes to the new director!