Courtyard Project

(Director’s Letter from our September eNews)

“Wouldn’t it be nice if this were a courtyard with tables and nice places to sit?”

That’s how it started. I’ve always appreciated the kind of person who can see how a space can be made better, how to arrange furniture and such to create a more open, more inviting space. That is a gift. I am generally not that person, but this front corner just outside the library seemed to be the perfect spot to hang out on a nice day, read a book, or use a little Wifi. I know a nice place to read when I see one.

I remember saying to someone, “How hard can it be?”

It didn’t take long for me to discover what I’d gotten myself into. Changing that small area of the library would entail dealing with electrical issues, plumbing issues, rainwater mitigation issues — you name it. Suddenly what appeared to be a small, easy project turned into a head-spinning lesson in a dozen aspects of construction.

The more I talked to folks about the courtyard idea, the more complicated this “simple” project became. Early on, when one person asked, “Where does the rainwater for this downspout go?” I said, “Away?” They were too kind to laugh at me, but they should have. Librarians generally don’t have this kind of work experience.

The only reason the Library is nearing completion of the new Library Courtyard is because the community believed in the idea and came together to make it happen. From folks who donated at the 2021 Library Benefit Auction, to the volunteers who helped by building furniture. Then there’s Rick Trumper from GCM Inc. I had the idea, and Rick knew how to make it happen. Rick brought in a team of folks, including John Snavely from the mulá Group, to make the drawings, and Rhino Excavating to do the [careful not to cut the electrical wires and waterpipes] digging. I am so thankful to them for sharing their expertise, their hard work, and support.

Like the Library itself, the Library Courtyard was made possible because of our terrific community. So many people came together to help make it happen, and there is still time for you to be involved in this community project. The library is offering engraved bricks that will be inlaid surrounding the concrete of the courtyard as a permanent addition to the Library Courtyard. Click here for more information about the Courtyard Legacy Brick Program, or stop by the library and ask how you can be a part of it.