Donate Books

We are very grateful for items the community donates to our Library. Donations are received at our back door during open hours; please do not leave boxes outside.

We no longer accept: Text Books, Encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest Condensed Novels, or VHS cassettes.

Please refrain from donating books that are musty from prolonged storage or smell of smoke. These items will need to be discarded.


What do we do with the books/items you donate?

The majority of the books we receive through community donations are sold at our Used Book Sale every spring. What is not sold at that sale is bulk-purchased by a third-party.

Books and other items (CDs, DVDs, magazines) that are donated can benefit our library in a number of ways:

  • If they are in like-new condition, they can be sold in our Book Store.
  • New and like-new books are often used to replace damaged or well-read copies in our own collection, which saves us money by not having to purchase replacements.
  • New and like-new audiobooks, DVDs, and music CDs can also be used to replace copies in our collection.
  •  Large paperbacks in great condition can be sold on the $2 table near the circulation desk; small paperbacks in good condition can be sold in our lobby for 50 cents.
  • Every spring the Friends hold a Community Yard Sale, and they sell donated items, giving all the proceeds to the Library.
  • Sometimes we are fortunate enough to receive an item that we are able to sell on Ebay.