Library Celebrates National Summer Learning Day July 12

National Summer Learning Day is a national advocacy day aimed at elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year. The Milanof-Schock Library wants to send a powerful message that summers matter, and they offer an opportunity to highlight how summers can make a life-changing difference in the lives of young people and families.

On July 12 at the Library, the Center for Aquatic Studies Swamp Songs and Marsh Melodies program will teach children about animals that communicate through songs, and live critters will be on display! Detective Kyle Hosking of the Mount Joy Borough Police Department will lead the evening STEM Club: CSI program that will feature some fun with forensics. Also, there will be a program (to be determined) for adults, as well as a fun scavenger hunt for kids. This day will be but a small sampling of the programs that the Library offers to engage the minds, imaginations, and creativity of the community.

Please register for any program being held this day by calling the Library 717-653-1510 or by clicking here to visit our calendar.