Milanof-Schock Library Receives Generous Donation

Milanof-Schock Library recently received a generous donation from the Donegal Education Association (DEA). The Donegal Education Association (DEA) was formed in 1971 to advocate for the educational needs of students and educators across the Donegal community. In the last decade, DEA has contributed over $10,000 to the Milanof-Schock Library in support of the Library’s efforts to bless the community. Following in that proud tradition, DEA Co-Presidents Don Seibert and Justin Neideigh recently made a check presentation on behalf of DEA to Milanof-Schock Executive Director Joseph McIlhenney for $1,000.

“DEA is proud to support the work of the Library because it does so much for the children, students, families, and teachers within our community,” stated Seibert. “As teachers, we could not do the important work that we do educating our kids if it wasn’t for the strong partnership that we have with our local hometown library,” he added. Neideigh noted that the relationship between the Donegal educators and Mount Joy library is vital to a strong and thriving community. “We value investing in the Library’s early literacy programs because there is a direct connection between a love of books and reading and life-long learning. Readers are leaders, and when kids get excited about reading, they get excited about learning. We are fortunate that our students and teachers can benefit from the fantastic resources and take advantage of the high-quality, free, educational programing that is available to the kids, teens, and adults of our community.”

“The Library’s partnership with the Donegal Education Association is a great example of a vibrant community coming together to support one another and work toward our common goals and values,” Director McIlhenney shared. “This library is here to serve our community and contributions like this one help ensure our library, your neighborhood library, will be able to continue to offer services and resources to the community. The Library is grateful for this donation.”


(Pictured Left to Right: Mr. Don Seibert, Donegal High School Social Studies Teacher, Donegal Education Association Co-President; Mr. Joseph McIlhenney, Milanof-Schock Library Executive Director; Mr. Justin Neideigh, Donegal High School Social Studies Teacher, Donegal Education Association Co-President.)